the Alsaihatis: winter wonderland

My journey with the Alsaihati's started about a year and a half ago. I got an inquiry from Kate and we set up a time to finally meet.

I do most of my consults in my home. Yes, you get to meet my crazy dogs and see my tiny little house in the boonies. But I want my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed- so what other place!

Kate showed up with her friend, also a photographer, and we sat down to hash out details. It took about 5 minutes for Kate's true colors to come out- and I got to know this gorgeous, bubbly, super down to earth gal- and realized how excited I was to work with her on her special day!

Fast forward to December 9th- I wake up and dang it's cold. Oh well.... snow is amazing.

I type the address into my GPS and realize we're headed wayyyyyy up north in the woods to Kersey, PA. 2 hour drive later, I'm there and ready to start the day.

Kate is a phenomenal hair stylist- so I was sure that she chose some of the best in the business to help her get ready.

Meanwhile, my second shooter was at the church with the men. He found Sam in the church basement getting ready with the guys. They got most of their photos before festivities began to save time... which I highly recommend!

St. Boniface Church in Kersey, PA

Kate opted for our package which includes a boudoir shoot. before the wedding, Sam got to open his book which included some STEAMYYYYY pics.

I couldn't believe that Kate had kept the book a secret for so long. It had been MONTHS since the shoot! My second shooter told me that as soon as he opened the book, his jaw DROPPED! He was so excited! The boys were picking fun at him as well because we all know he was verryyyyy excited to see his bride.

Sam's family came all the way from Saudi Arabia to share in his special day. These are a few special gifts from mom.

Kate's beautiful dress came from Rusted Rose Bridal in Kittanning, PA. Her gown was so beautiful and took the breath from most all of her guests.

It's go time! These kiddos stole the show. (don't they all?)

Everybody's favorite moment!

This church was so beautiful- St. Boniface's stained glass windows and open space provided the perfect venue for the wedding.

Kate opted for a full Catholic ceremony complete with communion. The priest was one of the coolest priests I have ever encountered- and was sure to show love & acceptance for all cultures present.

Most of the time, a Catholic ceremony will have its kiss at the sign of peace. Kate & Sam opted to wait until the end of their ceremony.

They did it! Time to party!

Usually churches are not my favorite location for formal portraits- but you can't go wrong with this stunning parish. Most of Sam's family speaks arabic, and the language barrier created a new challenge I have not yet encountered. You'd be surprised how much can get accomplish with eye contact and open arms.

Kate did a mini wardrobe re-vamp and added her fur, and let down her hair for the reception. I'm still obsessed with her flower crown.

Kate had told me from the get-go that whenever we arrive at Treasure Lake, she would like photos at the pond. I knew EXACTLY what she meant when we got there.

So, you can't tell everyone is freezing their patooties off, but we ALL were. It was worth it! Luckily the girls had their shauls to warm up a little.

These two are TROOPERS! It was about 12 degrees that day and didn't complete a bit about the chills!

Minimal cake was smashed!

Loving the way he looks at her.

She took center stage!

The reception took place inside a gorgeous lodge at Treasure Lake. Food was to die for and as always, I enjoyed all that the cookie table had to offer.

A few dancing candids to wrap up the evening.

I still feel so honored to have been part of Kate & Sam's special day! I jealously watched them enjoy a tropical honeymoon, and am so excited to present them with their gallery in the next couple of days.

Thank you for reading!



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